Friday 13 April 2012

Amp, Watts & Circuit Update

A great new update is coming for Amp, Watts & Circuit, hopefully due out next week on Desura!
Here is a quick overview of what to expect -

AWC Network - 
The biggest new feature, AWC Network, will allow you to create your own challenges, then post them online for others to complete! This takes the level count from 50 to infinite as players create and post more new levels. If it takes off and people really enjoy it, then I will keep updating this and adding new features, objects and options to keep it fresh and varied!

New look Menu - 
I'm giving the menu a once over to make it fit in with the rest of the game more. This means new icons for pause, retry and quit, along with the win and lose screens. There will be new menu sections too for the new sections.

Hotkeys - 
After many requests, you can now swap robots using the 1,2&3 keys. Should make beating the challenge times easier!

Colour-Blind Mode -
It is now easier to see which tile you are supposed to be sending each robot to, as they are each labelled with A,W & C respectively. A small change but it should have a big impact for people who struggle to see the difference between the colours.

In the mean time, check out Amp, Watts & Circuit on Desura, and get in some practice for the upcoming user levels!