Thursday 4 October 2012

Dr. Bones Update

Bit of a gap between blog posts, not quite sure how it got that long! Here is the latest update for Dr. Bones!


I think I mentioned this before, but challenges are now in place. This is how they look -

You get three challenges at a time, that must be completed in order to level up, which gives you a coin bonus. There are 20 levels in all, each with three unique quests, so a lot of different things to try and do!  You can view the quests from Dr. Bones office, on the pause menu, and get a summary of how you are doing at the end of each level. The popup you can see on the right will appear whenever you complete a challenge.

New Menu
I have updated the menu to make it look a lot fancier, I think it makes a big difference. This is how it looks now (still not quite finished).

You can't see from the picture but the camera rises up above Dr. Bones' office to show this view over London. This is where you will access the shop and choose where you want to visit.

Each area has its own high scores, and its own display of curios that Dr. Bones has collected to prepare him for his journeys!

Visiting the shop will allow you to buy maps to new locations, new equipment and fun new characters to play as in case the novelty of being a gentlepug ever wears off (as if it ever could)!


There are now 50 different treasures for you to collect from the various different locations within the game. You can show off your treasures in your office, and collecting each one gives you a coin reward too to help you get those new treasure maps!

These are a sample of some of the treasures that you can find. To see them all you will have to play the game!

There has also been quite a lot of other content added, including new enemies in most of the zones, finishing off the different locations and creating a shop, but they are mostly too rough to show just yet, but there will be more to come in future updates.

Next I will be working on adding yet more content into the levels, and working on game balance, which will include shop item pricing, treasure and level rewards and adjusting difficulty in the locations dependant upon the distance that you achieve.

Thanks for reading, please check out the cool new comments thing below and let me know what you think! (I haven't tested it yet)