Friday 27 January 2012

Long Few Days

Apologies for the lack of updates, I've been super busy over the last couple of days, between Cambridge and running around London, I didn't get a chance to do an update! Still, I managed to get all of the sound into the game, including some cool ambient sounds for zone 2. I'll record a video of this and upload it tomorrow, so it should also show the zone and robot "idle" animations too.

Still a fair way to go on the intro images, but all of the tutorials are done at least. I got a bit of feedback at the Unity Developer Meetup in London, so I made a few tweaks after that. It's difficult to tell whether a tutorial teaches the right thing or not without testing them out on other people, as obviously I know how the game works, as do the people who have seen it as it develops, plus it's always interesting to get a fresh perspective.

I shall leave you with an example image of the sort of thing you might see before a level, if there is no tutorial or other specific intro that needs to be shown. Hope you like it!