Friday 24 August 2012

Dr. Bones DevLog

Hi everyone, here is todays Dr. Bones update.

The basic game mechanics are in place now, so the levels generate randomly and you can play games, collect treasures, die a lot, and all that good stuff. My main goal for next week is to keep adding new content to the level generation, along with some new locations for you to explore, to keep the game as fresh as possible each time you play.

New Mechanics

  • Levels can now be played to completion
  • Coins can be earned and are stored between games
  • Treasures can be collected and are reflected on the start screen in your collection
  • Traps and enemies so far all working
  • Tibet level now has an avalanche as a random event, might be too strong though, I've only survived it twice!

I'll post the new levels later, but for now here is a gif of the two enemies that are currently in the game, mummies and yetis, and a screenshot of how the title screen is looking.